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Shoreline Park Report

Hi. I have started a new goal of going to every park near my condo (I live in Shoreline). Near is defined as in a 10 mile radius. There are quite a few, so I wanted to share my opinions about the parks incase it is useful.

Boeing Creek Park is located in Shoreline. It has a very easy to follow trail down to the creek, and stepping stones to cross. I hiked most of the trails in the park in 45 minutes. It isn't crowded and besides trees and a creek there isn't much there, but I enjoyed the hike. Parking is free and I didn't encounter anyone on a bike. I did get bitten by bugs, so I suggest bug spray, and also next time I go to this park I'll come equipt to wade in the creek. I didn't see any bathrooms, but luckily I wasn't there long enough to need one.
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