глюкiosaur de champlain (chaizzilla) wrote in seattleparks,
глюкiosaur de champlain

Funding Salmon Restoration for the Olympic Sculpture Park

I'm proud to announce that I have secured $500,000 to help restore salmon habitat along the shoreline of Olympic Sculpture Park proposed for downtown Seattle. The park will transform a polluted industrial site in the heart of downtown Seattle into a dynamic public park and art exhibition space. The near-shore habitat we restore is an important component of our all-out effort to save Pacific Northwest salmon runs.

Located just a block from the Seattle Center and Belltown, the park will provide a vibrant new green space with sweeping view of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains for an estimated 600,000 annual visitors. It will also create a unique outdoor venue for sculpture and public art and provide hands-on education about Washington state's natural resources. On behalf of residents of Seattle and Washington state, I would like to thank the Seattle Art Museum, the Trust for Public Land, state and local officials, Paul Allen, Jon and Mary Shirley, and all the others who have worked so hard on this project. -- cantwell.senate.gov
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